1. The type of activities which take up your average working week
- at your computer
- talking on the phone
- thinking about work out of the office
- talking informally to colleagues
- having a break
- travelling(car, train, plane)
- taking part in meetings
- visting clients, customers

2. Conversation pick up
- You look exhausted! 你看起來很累
- Get appointments arranged and rearranged. 約定會面(或重新約定會面)
- Are you still using the old car of yours? 你還在用你那台舊車嗎?
- The benefits of restructuring. 重組的好處
- You're telling me. 我早就知道了(還用你說)

3. Questions of work habits(try to reply by yourself)
- Do you plan your week carefully?
- Waht sort of system do you have for papers? documents? files?
- Do you take a break: only when it's convenient? whenever you want to?
- Do you keep a list of thngs to do?
- Are you usually on time for appointments?
- How ofte do you tidy up your desk?
- If you have a deadline, do you usually keep to it?
- If you have a desk, how do you organise it?
- How do you carry your business things?
- How often do you lose or forget things?

4. Conversatin pick up
- an untidy desk 不整齊的桌子
- an in-out tray 文件盒
- being punctual 準時
- video conferencing 視訊會議
- a detailed filing system 備案系統
- paperless filing 無紙化備案
- post-it notes N次貼
- high-tech gadgets 高科技工具
- a messy bag 凌亂袋
- be piled up with junk 垃圾成堆
- coffee stains 咖啡痕跡
- in perfect alphabetical order 按照字母排列
- the other day 日前
- freebie 免費品

5. The importance in Work
- getting on with people at work
- rarely being bored at work
- having a good relationship with your boss
- getting satisfaction from your work
- having job security
- having a god chance of promotion
- taking holidays when you wish
- a sufficient salary
- varied work
- a pleasant working environment

6. Conversation pick up
- keep this under your hat 保守秘密
- be up for a promotion 獲得升遷
- come out of 走出

7. Are you stressed?
- are you always in a hurry?
- are you impatient or easily bored?
- are you concerned just with results or also the people working with you?
- do you often forget details or make mistakes?
- do you feel guilty about taking a break or relaxing?
- do you think about work in your free time?
- how much coffee do you drink a day?
- do you smoke? if so, how many?
- how much spare time do you have for yourself?

8. Conversation pick up
- start up his own business 創立事業
- fatigue 疲累
- reap the benefits 獲得收益
- company ethos 公司道德

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